The History of the COOL Flag

Our former president, Luis Morales-Wade, 2018-2019 designed this wonderful flag, which is full of meaning. Its colors are red, white, and blue, which symbolize the United States, but also have a deeper more meaningful meaning. The blue symbolize Mary, our patroness and Defender of Life. The red symbolize the lives that are lost every day, which we pray for daily individually and together every month as we pray in front of Planned Parenthood. And finally, the white symbolize the purity and innocence of the babies in the womb, who have done nothing wrong, and are only tainted by original sin, as well as symbolizing their pure and heavenly mother, Mary. The blue is slanted slightly over the red, symbolizing that Mary will conquer the culture of death. The cross symbolize Christ, and how he suffered and died for us, and following his example, we kneel before him to pray for the unborn souls. And finally, in the corner is two baby foot prints in a rosary, once again symbolizing that all children are in their Heavenly Mother Mary’s eternal care. Our Lady, Pray for Us!

Original Flag
Proposed new flag

The Original COOL Flag was designed by the Pinedo Children and handmade with felt and fabric. It was a tree, the Tree of Life, on a yellow circle background with the word “COOL” in red. The background was also red. The red symbolized the blood of the children for whom COOL has always prayed for, from the beginning. This flag lasted many years, being taken to Washington, DC many times as well as to Austin, Rome, and other ventures in COOL. In 2018, Luis Morales-Wade, then treasurer of COOL, decided it was time for a change. The original flag was meaningful as it had been the original flag, but it did not have a lot of symbolism, as well as being made of felt. He proposed to change the new flag at one of the meetings. Most were a bit skeptical, and they told him to come back with some designs. In July of that year, the new elections rolled around, and Luis Morales-Wade was unanimously elected the 7th President of COOL. He again proposed to change the flag, this time showing members two options for a new flag. 

This time, the members were much more supportive, and voted to have a hearing on these new flags. So all members were invited to vote on which flag they preferred: the original COOL flag, or one of the proposed new ones. The first new one was Blue and red with two small white baby footprints and a big cross in the middle, which symbolize that 1 in every 3 babies are aborted. The colors symbolize Mary, our patroness and mother, and the blood shed by the evil of abortion. The members of the COOL voted, and it was decided that the second option, a blue and red flag with a cross in the center and a rosary with baby feet in the corner was chosen. They voted to make this the new flag at one of the COOL meetings, and it was decided to send it to the diocese for approval. It then became the official new flag for the Catholic Organization of Life. It has been flown at meetings , rosaries, and bake sales, and made its first trip to Washington, DC in January of 2019.

Final Flag Design

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