D.C. March for Life

Why the National March for Life?

Nothing can compare with the awe and wonder of attending the National March for Life. Every month, when we pray outside of Planned Parenthood, we see people going in to abort their children. We are saddened by this atrocity, but we feel helpless. Even with the 500 people marching at MOTSY, it can seem like it’s those 500 against the rest of the world. But when you attend the National March for Life, you see not hundreds, but thousands of people standing up for the right to life. Vibrant, young, excited, joyful, prayerful, fiercely pro-life: we are the pro-life generation. We go to the National March for Life so we can witness the magnitude, youth, and beauty of the pro-life crowd, but also so that the world can see that we will fight for those who cannot.

— Anna Morales-Wade
COOL President 2021-2022
Attended March for Life 2019, 2020, & 2022

The National March for Life is an indisputable testament to the staggering size of the pro-life movement in America today. Many of those who attend the March for Life come also as representatives of their families, their friends, and their communities back home. Those who march in D.C. march not only in solidarity with each other, but also in spirit with millions of others whom they represent.

— Jack Vultaggio
COOL Secretary 2021-2022
Attended March for Life 2019 & 2022

Please help us get to D.C!

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