March Of The Surviving Youth

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s MOTSY such a huge success! This event would not have been possible without the efforts of everyone who attended.

MOTSY, or March of the Surviving Youth, is the annual pro-life march around Planned Parenthood in Houston. We start with Mass at the Catholic Charismatic Center, followed by a rally with hotdogs, music and a great pro-life speaker. We will walk to Planned Parenthood together, marching “Jericho Style” around Planned Parenthood seven times blowing trumpets while praying the Rosary, our most powerful weapon.

If you were born after January 22, 1973, then you are a survivor of the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision. On June 24, 2022 the Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the landmark decision of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. However, this victory is only the first battle in the long march ahead to the end of abortion. Abortion is still a moral evil, and is still legal in other states. March for those not as fortunate, march for those whose lives are still in danger, march for the mothers who will make a choice they will regret for the rest of their lives. We need YOU to help end the slaughter of the innocent.

MOTSY 2022 Recap


8:30 am Mass @ The Catholic Charismatic Center (1949 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77023)

Rally directly after Mass

  • Free Breakfast
  • Keynote Speaker Gabe Castillo

Afterword, we will march to Planned Parenthood (4600 Gulf Fwy) praying the most Holy Rosary, and singing hymns lead by the Jesus Youth.

Concludes at 12:00

For more information contact us at

MOTSY 2021 Promo Video